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Hello, I am Lisa Durham, RMT

I have been employed  within the long term care sector, since 2005 in the capacity of PSW within an OMNI home.  During the 3 years 2007-2010,  I  attended  Fleming College, working towards a diploma in Massage Therapy.  After graduating in the spring of 2010, I went forward to complete my Registration exams at the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, to become a Registered  Massage Therapist.   I did so in August of 2010.  My business' name is Destination Health and Wellness. It is a mobile massage clinic.  I have also been employed in the Social Service field as a child and youth counsellor and as a foster parent for approximately 15 years. 
In my years as an adult, I have witnessed  the struggles endured in the social service field (mental stress).  I have witnessed the physical demands as a healthcare giver (physical injuries), as well as the effect ageing has on the elderly.  As a Massage Therapist I now see a need that must be met.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you, the goals and plans I have for myself, you, your family and your company.  I truly believe in giving back to our community and would like to have the opportunity to be an active contributor within your team.  I propose to come into the retirement/long term care facilities to treat  both the employees, and the residents.  Physical injury is common in the Healthcare field.  Physical and emotional stress as well.  Employee sick benefits are used up quickly and excessively.  Costing the company incredible amounts of cash each year, as well as the negative results it can produce within the facility, and the quality of care provided .  WSIB incidents can be more costly and are often long term.  Whether an individual is experiencing headaches, back problems, shoulder injuries, overuse injuries, common colds, infections or is on a stress leave it is costly to the company and is both debilitating to the employee and the residents in care.

Massage is an alternative medicine.  Promoting whole body wellness.  Something which we take for granted and if our bodies are injured something we often compensate for without hesitation or consciousness.  I am formally educated and I am able to assess an individuals needs, provide treatment, prescribe homecare, remedial exercise and hydrotherapy.  If an individual attends their treatment sessions, follows the treatment plan, rehabilitation can be swift, and an individual can return to their pre-injury functionality.  I prefer to treat individuals pre-injury, helping to build strong healthy bodies.  Stress is a part of our everyday lives, causing both mental and physical strain.  Damaging our body as a whole.  Massage can aleviate the stress carried with us, strengthen our muscles, joints and promote proper posture and over all well-being.   As care-givers we want to be compassionate, caring individuals and we need to be able to function at an optimal level.  In doing so we need to take proper care of ourselves to be able to take care of others.  Maintaining a positive morale promotes a positive response, both in your body and in those we interact with daily.  Offering our best to those around us, whether it be family, co-workers or our residents.  Whether treating pre-injury or post-injury I want to make a difference and be of service.

Convenience is important, in today's fast paced lifestyle.  I will come to you to provide services.  Self sufficiency is a key factor.   I propose that there will be no hassle to the facility(s) in which I service. I will supply the equipment required,  massage table, linens, oils, and lotions.  I will clean up after myself, book my appointments and will be for lack of better words "a ghost" causing the management, employees or residents no stress or concern.  I am a professional.  I have strong work ethics and believe in confidentiality. and my services are extremely beneficial, and often required.  I will meet the standards, ethics and beliefs of the facility in which I service, as well as those outlined within the Massage Therapy Industry.  All without  cost to your facility.

Our elderly have endured great experiences in their lives.  They require and just as importantly deserve the best care.  Massage is used to treat a variety of different conditions.   Massage is used to improve circulation
and decrease oedema, it aids in digestive function and increases bowel movement.  Massage can decrease and eliminate pain, it is used to decrease contracture and increase joint mobility.  As well, massage meets an invisible emotional need.  That which can only be met with human touch.   Leaving you feeling cared for and valued.  Massage can be stimulating, soothing and relaxing and leaves you feeling pampered.  Something we all need...

I would like to thank you for taking the time to let me share with you my goals and intentions.  Overall my main focus and goal is to be able to make a difference, to improve the quality of life that we are all experiencing.  Benefiting the residents, the employees and all of those within the Retirement/Long Term Care sector as a whole.

Lisa Durham RMT.  
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